How to feel more in control when life gets too busy

Do you ever get that feeling, like you are on a treadmill of things to do and busy-ness, and you can see the end in sight but every time you get a bit closer – someone turns the speed/distance back up a little bit?

That feeling that it’s impossible to keep up and you just can’t get a handle on things.

Because, Same.

I think we are all feeling it right now, the pressure of keeping up with everything and not dropping any plates but there is SO much going on and we just can’t work out when we are going to be able to fit it all in.

So what can we do to feel a bit more in control of everything?

Brain Dump

Get everything out of your head and down on paper. It makes such a difference to your stress levels not trying to remember absolutely everything.

I’ve got a blog post here all about how you can do that…. How to download your thoughts with a brain dump

Next, start slowing down

That means that we might need to let some plates drop.

Not the important glass ones, the ones that are made of plastic and won’t smash if you drop them.

Think of glass plates as the urgent/important stuff – things with deadlines, things you need to do to keep your family safe and well, things you need to do to keep you safe and well, things that if you don’t do them soon it will have a knock on effect in another area.

The plastic plates are things that you do need to do or would like to do, but they aren’t urgent – things that it doesn’t matter if they don’t get done for another month.

Re-assess your calendar and your to-do list

Do you actually NEED to do everything on your todo list? Can you delegate it to someone else? You don’t need to do everything yourself.

Have a look at your calendar, is there anything on there you don’t need to go to? We tend to say yes to things because we don’t want to offend anyone – but if that thing is something you really don’t want to do, or is just adding way too much stuff on to your todo list maybe cancel them.

Make a meal plan

Our home life is so much more stressful when we have no idea what to make for dinner and we end up having something that isn’t the healthiest of choices because we don’t know what to make.

Make a meal plan for the week. Look at your calendar, what days are you busy and something in the slow cooker or something very quick and easy might work the best, what days are there no plans and you can make something that takes a bit longer.

It’s amazing how much calmer you feel just for having a meal plan and not stressing out every time you get asked what is for dinner tonight.

PRO TIP: Add your ingredients to your shopping list AS you make your meal plan – there is nothing worse than not having all the ingredients you need and realising half way through cooking.

Make a plan of when you will do things

Make a rough plan of what days things will get done, what appointments you have on certain days etc. Just giving everything a day that it will get done, or putting it in the next week section of your list will give you such a feeling of control.

You are controlling your to-do list and not the other way around.

Take a break

It might seem counter productive when you have a lot to do, to just take a break – but it will help so much. Sometimes resting is the most productive thing you can do.

If you are finding something difficult a break helps you to see it with a new perspective.

Focus on what you can control

There will always be things out of our control, but there are always things that we can control.

For example, we have had some big hospital appointments lately, and while I have no control over what is going to be said in those appointments, the things that I can control are:

  • what time we leave for the appointment
  • how well I am looking after myself on the run up to the appointment
  • If I exercise – it helps me to reduce stress
  • if the appointment is close to lunch time if I am taking lunch with us
  • who will be picking the other kids up from school if I won’t be home in time

So while I can’t control the actual appointment, there is a lot of things surrounding the appointment I can control which will make it a bit easier to cope with.

Limit time scrolling on your phone

We all do it.

Mindlessly scroll to escape those uncomfortable feelings, but honestly in most cases if you are stressing and feeling like you are not in control of things it will only make you feel worse.

So step away from the phone.

Go and read a chapter of your book, do some star jumps in your kitchen to shake off some nervous energy, do a quick reset in the room you are in, go and drink a glass of water or make yourself a nice cup of warm tea.

All of those things will make you feel so much better.

And before you say ‘I don’t have time’ – you were just about to mindlessly scroll on your phone for 15 minutes.

Just remember…

This will pass. This feeling that you are not in control of your life and everything is stressing you out will pass.

It might not seem like it is going to when you are in it – but it will.

Life will ease off a little bit and it will give you a little bit of leeway to feel back in control.

What makes you feel in control of your life when things get stressful?

let me know in the comments!

Beth x

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