Simple ways to take care of yourself over the school holidays

The October half term is always a bit of a hit and miss one.

It’s either a lovely autumnal week with crunchy leaves and family walks. Or it’s a complete wash out and everyone is going a bit stir-crazy stuck in the house.

When the kids are home from school it can sometimes be quite difficult to find time for yourself or to do the things you usually do.

And honestly, that is okay.

Take the pressure off yourself and do what you can. Once they go back to school, you can get straight back on it.

However…the school holidays can be a lot.

As much as we love our kids – they are kinda demanding and take a lot out of us. So we do need to be making a bit of an effort to get some self-care in and not just completely abandon ourselves.

So here are some ways you can do that…

Make a plan

There is nothing more stressful than having bored kids and no idea what to do. Make a list of things you can do if it’s dry and you are going out, and a list of things you can do at home if it’s not a nice day. #

It doesn’t have to be too exciting – watch a film, do a craft, do some baking, go to the park, go for a day out, go visit grandparents or arrange a play date catch up with a friend.

Stop staying up really late to get some alone time

I get it. There is no alone time in the day, not even to go to the bathroom in peace.

We all do it. Collapse on the sofa and just mindlessly scroll or watch something on netflix that you don’t even care about watching because you are by this point to tired to actually get up and go and take a shower and get to bed.

I promise you going to bed a little bit earlier and getting some more sleep instead of staying up that bit later for alone time will make you feel a million times better.

Maybe try this instead…

Wake up a bit earlier before the kids

If you feel like that alone time is definitely needed – try doing it in the morning.

There is something magical about having even just ten minutes of alone time first thing in the morning to have a cup of tea in silence before the kids wake up.

It makes you feel more calm and productive for the rest of the day – whereas staying up later for a bit of alone time kinda makes you feel the opposite.

Why not give it a go?

Get some movement in

Maybe for the week your typical workouts might go out of the window, but you can still get some movement in.

Here are some ideas…

  • Have a living room dance party
  • Go for a walk to the shop
  • Go for a walk with your kids if its a nice day
  • Go for a walk with your kids if it’s a rainy day and splash in some puddles!
  • Bounce on the trampoline in the garden with the kids
  • Play in the garden with the kids e.g. catch
  • Learn some tiktok dances with the kids – you don’t have to post them!
  • Find a yoga for kids video on youtube and do it with them – movement is movement! (We love cosmickids yoga)
  • Go for a cycle ride with the kids

Find a bit of time for yourself

This doesn’t have to be anything big.

Let the kids have some screen time, or put a film on for them or set up an activity you know will engross them that they won’t need you every five seconds for and read a chapter of your book, or drink a cup of tea while it’s hot.

Show yourself some self-love

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to be the biggest things.

Here are some little things you can do that don’t take long but show yourself a bit of care.

  • Take the time to take your makeup off properly
  • Moisturise your hands
  • Moisturise your feet
  • Have a cup of tea and use the fancy mug
  • Spend a bit of time putting makeup on if it’s something that makes you feel good
  • Go to bed a bit earlier
  • Take an extra long shower
  • Lock the door when you go in the bath (as long as someone else watches the kids!)

Taking care of yourself can be simple.

How do you take care of yourself over the school holidays?

Beth x

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