How to create your wellness vision.

Before you decide to start on your health journey, you need to know where you are heading and how you are going to actually get there.

You first need to make goals, but even before you can make those goals, you need to know exactly what it is that you want.

Or maybe you do feel that you know what you need to do to live a healthy life, but for some reason you can’t stick to the plan?

I’ve written before in my post about how to set goals that sometimes we make goals because we think those goals should be our goals. Everyone else wants to start running or lose 10lbs, so it should be our goal too – it’s obviously what everyone needs to do to be healthy, right?


The truth is, if your goals are not what you truly WANT it’s going to be really hard for you to consistently show up everyday to reach the end goal.  ‘Should want’ will only get you so far.

Your goals need to be aligned with what your vision is.

That is the key as well, it’s YOUR vision. 

It doesn’t matter if it isn’t what everyone else’s vision looks like. Your vision is personal to just you.

When you know exactly what you want your life to look like, it is so much easier to show up everyday and take little steps to reach that goal, even on the days you just don’t feel like doing anything. 

So what exactly is your wellness vision?

Your wellness vision is a detailed vision of exactly what you want your life to look like.  Whether that is 5 years from now, 1 year from now or 6 months from now.  

I recommend, no longer than a year when you are making your wellness vision.  Having an achievable vision that isn’t too far away is going to help you to keep showing up.

A wellness vision goes deeper than just saying ‘I want to be healthy’.  

Having a clear wellness vision allows us to tune in with our mind-body connection, and allows you to be able to work out what you need in your life and what is best going to support you and your lifestyle rather than just making goals based on whether you think they are healthy or not.

When you are creating your wellness vision you need to dig deep and visualise everything – how do you feel?  How do you act?  Where are you in your vision? Who are you with? What are you doing every day that is making you feel that good?

Usually when we first start thinking about what our wellness vision is, we tend to close our eyes and visualise ourselves a year from now (with the above questions) and it is usually a little snapshot of time that we see.  

This is a good start!  But we need to dig deeper.  

We need a full day.   Our vision needs to be what happens from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.


Let’s create our ideal day vision

How you do this is personal preference.  

You may feel that you visualise better when you get still and close your eyes so that you can really focus, or you might feel that you visualise better writing the answers down in a journal.  

This is your vision, there is no right or wrong answer. 

It helps if you can do this at a quiet time when you can really tune into your thoughts.  

Remember this is your ideal vision.  It’s what you really want.

  1. Close your eyes. 
  2. Imagine yourself a year from now you are just waking up. What time is it? Did you wake naturally or did an alarm wake you? How do you feel? Energised? Still tired? What do you look like? What does your bedroom look like? Is the sun streaming in through your window?  What do you do next? How are you feeling when you are doing it? Is anyone with you?
  3. Keep doing this for your whole day.  Really visualise it as if you are actually there and living it.
  4. Think about what you are eating and drinking throughout the day.  How much sleep you are having.  What exercise or movement you are doing.  How are you getting some me-time and de-stressing?
  5. How do you feel when you climb into bed? What time is it? 

When you do this for a whole day, you are going to have a really good idea about what it is that you want.  

I suggest you write these things down while they are fresh in your mind. 

So what next?

Think about your life right now.  

Are some things the same or similar to what your ideal day was like?  Or does your life right now feel really far away from that vision.  

Write your thoughts down for this too.  

The next step, is to work out what you need to do to get your day from the way it is right now to how your vision life is.  

It’s important to bear in mind that if your vision is completely different to your life right now, It might be a good idea to lengthen the amount of time you are going to take to reach your goals, and instead aim for getting closer to that version of you in the next year.  

Don’t let it deter you.

There is still a lot that can change in a year and you may be closer than you expected a year from now.  

Write a list comparing your life now, to your vision life.  

Then using this list we can start making the goals we need to get us there.  

Daily Visualisation 

The people who get the best results are the ones who spend 5-10 minutes visualising their dream life vision every single day.  

The more you do it, the more likely it is going to become a reality for you.

When we are taking the time to visualise our ideal day, it keeps our goals in the forefront of our mind – which also helps us throughout the day with any decision making we need to make e.g. Should I do a workout today?  

It helps keep us on the right track.

Have you tried visualisation before? Let me know how you get on!

xo Beth

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